What I do

Standard Service

I read the manuscript and correct the following aspects as needed:

  • Errors in the language structures and expressions
  • Ordering of information in sentences and within paragraphs
  • Clarity of the presentation for readers who are not necessarily experts in the narrow subject area
  • Consistent style of orthography, terminology, units, abbreviations, etc.
  • Agreement of explanations of data in tables and figures with the contents of the tables and figures
  • Placement of information in the sections of the paper
  • Opportunities to reduce length, especially of the discussion
Also included:

Of course, the following items are also included in the price:

  • Clearing up any questions or problems that arise from my corrections.
  • An additional check of small changes you make after my editing.

The following additional work is not included in my standard service, but I can do it on request:

  • A second reading of the manuscript by another editor after my editing
  • Detailed implementation of the style guide of a specific journal
Rough Guide to Prices

The average manuscript I edit has a total length of about 20 pages, is written by authors with the level of English competence usual among scientists in the German-speaking countries, and takes me about 4–6 hours of work to get into shape.
I charge € 50 plus VAT per hour, to the nearest half-hour.
So for most manuscripts, the final price is €200–300 plus VAT.
If you like, I can offer a fixed price once I have had an opportunity to look through the manuscript.

What I don’t do

I don’t edit academic dissertations/theses.

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